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    Feb 1 st, 2017
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    The Retirement Blues

    This isn’t about the “blues”, as in the dreary, dead feeling of being done with life, and no longer a need for work, just sit on your butt until you grow cobwebs under your ears and you rot and die into a festered corpse. Quite honestly, the concept of retirement should actually be a positive one. But we’re not talking about the true positive nature of retirement either.

    When talking about the “retirement blues”, the focus happens to be hazards of bad planning. Not enough money saved up. That’s definitely the “blues”. No 65-year-old wants to work again because the retirement plan didn’t work out quite right, you know?

    There are some points to remember when considering retirement and sidestepping the “retirement blues”:

    1. Maximize your matches – This is regarding your 401k, if you have one. Notice that in your most previous employment, if you have a 401k retirement plan, setting it up for what is called an “employment match” is basically extra money on your table. You don’t take advantage of it, you actually are losing free money right there.

    2. Avoid taking loans – Try really hard not to dip into your savings; because if you do, you’re losing money when you do happen to retire. Let the money sit and gain interest, and you can be assured that when the time comes to enjoy the rest of your life, you’ll have enough dough in your pocket.

    3. Diversify your investments – Some set up a retirement plan through investments. It’s a quick and easy way to make some money. However, if you “put all your eggs in one basket”, you run the risk of the elephant man knocking the basket out of your hands! Then, poof!–you’ve lost all your savings.

    There are more keys to healthy retirement living than this: so more to come is the promise. Till then, mull these over, and in your private wisdom, apply them in your spectacular life, and enjoy.