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    Jun 23 rd, 2017
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    6 Pieces of Advice for Accounting Students

    Are you good with numbers, mathematics, and balance sheets, and looking for a career in accounting?

    Well, being an accountant is more than just being an audit and tax expert; it takes a lot of communication and other skillsets to excel in this field. Despite being good at the core subjects, there are a lot of qualifications you need to have to kickstart your dream career.

    Whether you are looking for a specialization in auditing, taxes, or insurance, here are six pieces of advice that you can follow before stepping into the world of accounting:

    Start networking with other accounting experts

    Everyone you know is a potential client or can be a gateway to other clients. Connecting and networking with various industry peers will expand your skillset and unrivaled reputation within your field.

    Coupled with excellent accounting skills, networking with other audit officers and consultants will bring you one step closer to your dream job.

    It’s not about what you know – it’s about who you know that counts the most.

     Get qualifications and maintain good grades

    To gain exceptional skills and be seen as an expert in audits, you should be equipped with various industry certifications. Complete CA or CPA programs and get extra experience by working with softwares like Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Access, and more. You can also get an online masters degree in accounting from UAB.

    Apart from courses, keep your GPA scores consistent from high school all the way through to college – it may land you on many employers’ shortlists.

    Choose what you are good at

    In accounting, you have the opportunity to choose from public, private, and governmental accounting. In auditing, you can choose from careers in IT auditing, fraud investigation, and forensic auditing.

    With such a wide range of careers in this field, you should choose an area interest so that you can concentrate on becoming an expert in one specific field.

    Register with a Risk Recruitment company

    Risk Recruitment companies have great relationships with the hiring resource managers looking for fresh audit graduates. Registering with these organizations will offer you a great advantage as you will be listed on their job board before other candidates.

    Get work experience

    Getting internships (paid or unpaid) for managing accounts, tax, and auditing tasks is an excellent way to enhance your skills before your graduate. Not only will it equip you with skills, it will also help you boost your resume and expose you to various accounting professionals.

    Keep your resume crisp and updated

    Before applying for an accounting job, update your resume to strengthen your first impression on the employer. Your resume should be precise, concise, and free of any vague information.

    No matter how proficient you are with accounting, improving your communications skills, experience, and resume will surely get you ahead of other fresh accounting graduates.